Intro to Tantra Class Series

Shivashakti statueNext series begins January 22nd, 2017 –
One lesson per month, Sunday afternoons, 3pm to 5pm
2926 NE Flanders Street, Portland OR 97232

Based in traditional texts that were written 3,000 years ago, Tantra is an ancient yoga that utilizes human sexuality. These methods still apply today. Learn to utilize your own sexual energy as a path to healthy, joyful enlightenment. Tantra requires no faith, only willingness to learn. This is the original class that inspired the book “American Tantra, A Modern Guide to Sacred Sex” (iUniverse, 2009). We offer clear instructions in plain English, clarifying wording and giving real demonstrations. We translate the concepts of pranayama, mantras, yantras, chakras, kundalini, bhakti and bhoga, puja, maithuna and more!

This is a beginning beginner’s class. Health, gender, or sexual preference are never an issue. No partner required. Open yourself up to an intense mystical path that celebrates sensual indulgence! Price is $40 per person per session. There is no in-class nudity, but we do give really fun homework!

Sienna Newcastle is an author and educator, ordained clergy, founding member of the nonprofit MAGIC, and a Tantric practitioner since 1996. She earns her living as a licensed sexuality and gender therapy specialist in Portland Oregon.
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–Lesson re-vamped to allow for drop-in students!–

Lesson 1: Pranayama and philosophies 1/22/17
Introductory lesson. We discuss Vedic vocabulary, a brief history of Tantra, the philosophy of duality. Instructions regarding Pranayama Breathing and Shiva/Shakti self-awareness. All about the concept of OM.

Lesson 2: Vibrations 2/26/17
Information about the energy circuits of the human body. Exercises include: Fruit and Flowers meditation, Chocolate exercise. Instructions on the Bhoga meditation and introduction to Karezza.

Lesson 3: Chakras 3/26/17
We learn about Chakras and why descriptions vary from source to source. Exercises include the Flower bud meditation. Instructions on the Bhakti meditation, and introduction to the Vigyan Bhairav texts.

Lesson 4: Kundalini 4/23/17
We gain some chakra clearing tools, and discuss Kundalini and its relationship to the Abyss. Exercises include the Heart Cave meditation. Instructions on safe exploration of the Abyss and the use of your own Kundalini.

Lesson 5: Sarvata 5/28/17
We explore the Vigyan Bhairav Tantras, discuss the concept of Sarvata and the relationship of Bhoga to Bhakti. Exercises include Tonglen meditation, God & Goddess exercise, and the focus maze. Instructions on the Chakra Egg exercise.

Lesson 6: Red Tantra 7/2/17* (not the 4th Sunday)
We understand the goal of Maithuna, gain a brief introduction to the Five M’s. Discussion of the Puja. Exercises include live energy work, Yabyum and OM through chakras.

No need to pre-register for any of these lessons. Bring a meditation pillow to sit on and wear comfy clothes.