How to read Tarot

3 easy steps to learn the 72 card deck

Struggling to learn your Tarot deck? Challenged by trying to memorize every card? Don’t worry, we have a class for that!

Learn the formula that gives the meaning of every card. You’ll be doing “mini readings” after the first night. Tarot class is a fun way to explore your spiritual path when the weather is too harsh for playing in the woods.

This is a series of 3 classes held on Saturday nights at 7-9pmĀ  in Vancouver.

Lesson #1, January 20th, 2018: The major arcana
Lesson #2, February 3rd, 2018: The face cards
Lesson #3, February 17th, 2018: The numbered cards

Cost is $20 per person per session, payable as we go. Registration is required, as class size is limited. (If too many people are interested, I may add class dates or find a larger venue).

Classes held in the conference room at 3303 NE 44th Street in Vancouver, WA, 98661.

To register, email

Instructor Sienna Newcastle learned to read tarot from her mother, occult author Nema Andahadna. Sienna has been reading tarot professionally since 1996. She has read for tourists at Portland Saturday Market, and also for customers at Laughing Bird Books. She has hosted this class inconsistently since 2006 at events and private functions in the Portland area.