Beltane at Ffynnon

April 27th through the 29th, 2018.

Join us for a Beltane celebration like no other!

A pole, a hole, some ribbons, and a dance. This is all. Rooted in the tradition of Spiritual Anarchy, we bring an old energy to bear in a new place.  This is a hybrid of no-drama Do-As-Ye-Will Spiritual Anarchist Beltane with the old-school values of our Spiral Rhythms Festivals from a decade ago.


In 2017, we started a new tradition where Spiritual Anarchy, personal responsibility, and Magickal ceremonies come together to create a unique experience for each individual.

What you CAN expect: Three days of camping, forested trails, theme camps, and an invitation to create whatever smaller ceremonies or rituals you wish. We will have a gate and remain in control of safety. We will have a drum circle! We *might* have a potluck. There will likely be a large community fire. A group of people will be sent into the woods to fetch the pole. Another group of people will be tasked to dig a hole in the meadow. We will direct at least one big group rite where the Beltane pole is erected, and we dance the traditional weave.

What NOT to expect: There is no community kitchen, no stage musicians, no venerated workshop hosts, although some impromptu workshops might happen. No printed paperwork, and only one community meeting. Schedule will be on a white board in the common area, and that’s it. We will not segregate pole and hole tasks by genders. And…NO May Queen or any Royalty for that matter!

In another, MAGIC twist, we will pick a Beltane Fool, who will then chose a Sage to balance them out. These two will be responsible for next year’s ribbons and pole, respectively. The Fool can be any gender, as well as the Sage. Some of the past SAB Royalty, from both Northern and Southern clans, will be joining us to help with continuation of that energy.

Eventbrite - MAGIC Beltane at Ffynnon 2018

If you have already registered, here’s the packet info:

Beltane at Ffynnon E-info packet